Solarize Southern Illinois Group Buy Program

What is a “Group Buy” and How Does it Work?

Solar is no longer future technology: it’s being deployed on a massive scale today. More solar-friendly policies and continuous decreases in price make solar a better and better investment. But most people need more information about solar, and need a way to learn about the technology and its potential to lower their energy bills. The purpose of a group buy program (also known as a Solarize program) is to increase education of local residents about solar photovoltaics (PV), and increase market penetration of residential and small commercial solar PV through a group purchasing program.

Group Buys are important tools for increasing solar deployment in a market in a short period of time. When done correctly, they can be beneficial to everyone involved, including residents, businesses, local organizations, and jurisdictions. They work by aggregating demand for solar, usually in a small geographic area, achieving economies of scale. They lower the solar installers’ “soft costs” further by providing up-front customer education en masse, leading to a higher-than-average conversion rate for solar leads. Home and business owners see lower prices for their solar array, and communities move toward achieving their sustainability goals.

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